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Buzzvil Seamlessly Manages Massive Volumes of Real-Time Ad Data with Confluent Cloud

  • 30%

    infrastructure cost savings

“We’re expecting to increase our bottom-line revenue growth via data infrastructure cost savings of 20 to 30 percent, and we expect to greatly reduce the complexity of our data infrastructure thanks to Confluent.”

Jueun Seo | Chief Technology Officer


Establish a single source of truth for real-time ad transaction data in a rapidly growing AdTech company.


Confluent Cloud for a powerful, flexible, and simplified event-driven architecture that seamlessly manages massive volumes of real-time ad data while saving money.


  • 18x faster data updates for ad bidding
  • 20-30% infrastructure cost savings
  • Better customer experience with a scalable and fault-tolerant data platform
  • Optimized ad operations through better ad budget control
buzzvil background image

Founded in 2012, Buzzvil offers a platform that helps companies optimize their ad spend through automation, behavioral analytics, audience targeting, rewards programs, and more.

The SoftBank-backed company has more than 300 global publishers, including major South Korean mobile carriers and membership operators such as OK Cashbag, L.Point, CJ ONE, Happy Point, Hana Members, and Liiv Mate.

Prior to adopting Confluent, Buzzvil relied primarily on Redis and RabbitMQ to store and move data to other systems and fuel its platform. They started by self-managing Redis and RabbitMQ but as Buzzvil’s customer base grew, the company began to encounter challenges with achieving their desired scalability, and preventing data loss while scaling.

After switching to Confluent’s fully managed, cloud-native data streaming solution, Buzzvil was able to fully capitalize on its data in motion and establish a powerful, flexible foundation for event streaming that leverages real-time data.

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