Confluent Control Center

Manage, Monitor and Understand the Apache Kafka Cluster

For the busy Apache Kafka administrator, Confluent Control Center delivers understanding and insight about the inner workings of the Apache Kafka clusters and the data that flows through them. Confluent Control Center gives the administrator monitoring and management capabilities, delivering automated, curated dashboards so that Kafka experts can easily understand what is happening without tweaking dashboards. With this knowledge, the administrator can better understand, optimize and implement changes to deliver a much more effective set of Apache Kafka clusters.


  • Curated dashboard
  • Stepwise message monitoring
  • Broker performance



  • Message delivery failure
  • Source and destination management
  • Network latency



  • 50+ out-of-the-box connectors
  • Easy to use, native integration
  • Manage and curate customer connectors

Real-time Monitoring for Real-time Peace of Mind

State of Your Apache Kafka Cluster – Revealed

Designed for a streaming platform, Confluent Control Center monitors the inputs and signals of what Kafka administors and operators care about when it comes to ensuring the health, availability, and scalability of the Apache Kafka cluster. The out-of-the-box dashboard allows you to:

  • See the health of the cluster
  • Monitor the end to end performance of the producer to consumer cycle
  • View the broker and cluster resource utilization

Confluent Control Center saves you the time it takes to configure and monitor, and delivers the most salient information. Confluent Control Center gives the administrator a much more reliable and insightful way to manage and monitor the cluster.

Know the State of All Messages

Kafka streaming platform is reliable because it provides message guarantees – at most once, at least one, or exactly once. Operators need to ensure that the systems are built to deliver on the promises of data availability and business SLAs (service level agreements). Confluent Control Center provides the only solution that monitors end-to-end delivery assurance for streams of events, streaming applications, and microservices for all Kafka clients and in every language.

Confluent Control Center gives understanding into the following:

  • Message delivery
  • Message delivery latency
  • Throughput and consumer lag
  • Missing, duplicate, and delayed events via alerts

Operations Virtual Assistant

Single-Click Configuration Optimization

With over 150 broker configurations and 27 topic overrides – configuring and maintaining the cluster correctly for the myriad of use cases is challenging and time-consuming. Confluent Control Center delivers both understanding about the configurations currently in production as well as recommends configuration parameter values to enhance or improve the Kafka cluster.

Confluent Control Center gives the operator the following insights:

  • Most popular configuration
  • Interactions – impact of each configuration
  • Default configuration values
  • Recommended parameter values and predicted impact on configuration

Confluent Control Center gives detailed understanding at the configuration and topic level so that operators can better manage and optimize the Kafka cluster for maximum availability, transient high-throughput, or infinite retention. Confluent Control Center empowers the operator with confidence in their configuration changes, thereby reducing the risk and the number of “trial and error” configurations.

Configure topics for the most critical use cases with a single click. Make your already fast Kafka go faster with confidence.

Scale the Enterprise Skills and Resources

Universal Data Accessibility

Organizations are supporting more data types everyday. Understanding the enterprise and quickly delivering business value means having all the relevant data in a centralized system of record - Kafka. Confluent delivers an agile approach to this ever evolving data ecosystem through an open source-supported library of connectors. Using Confluent Control Center to manage and support data connectivity allows an organization to quickly support all emerging data requirements with the following:

  • Easy-to-use connectors
  • Certified connectors
  • Manage and support all connectors

All the Data Working Together

Transform, connect, and manage with Confluent Control Center. Many use cases require small modifications of data flowing through Kafka — Reducing sensitive fields, routing events to the correct destination, changing data formats, updating timestamps, and data compliance. For example, GDPR regulations require organizations to control the data they are integrating and replicating with precision Confluent Control Center delivers that level of insight and control.

Using Confluent Control Center to configure and manage data pipelines empowers the business with the following:

  • The ability to create pipelines fast
  • Plug-in custom transformations
  • Collaboration by sharing custom and out-of-the-box transformations
  • Consistency of transformations across teams and use cases

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