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AWS and Confluent: Meeting the Requirements of Real-Time Operations

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As government agencies work to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency, two tools have become critical: cloud services and data. Confluent and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have collaborated to make the move to and management of cloud easier while also enabling data streaming for real-time insights and action. We’ll be at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Washington, DC on June 26-27 to talk about and demo how our solutions work together.

Confluent is a powerful data source for AWS Athena and Amazon Security Lake. Confluent is also fully integrated with AWS Marketplace and AWS services, unifying management, security, and billing while helping migrate and connect data in real time to AWS services. Enterprises can migrate data to AWS with Confluent and utilize the power of Confluent Cloud on AWS for real-time analytics and app creation to support fraud detection, predictive maintenance, customer service and personalization, and more. 

Confluent and AWS provide a modern data platform, easing efforts to migrate, innovate, and unify across government. 


Breaking down silos and working with legacy systems requires considerable effort in terms of integration to get data where it needs to be when it is needed. Confluent and AWS have done the hard work by offering  120+ connectors to stream data from legacy on-prem or cloud solutions to AWS. Connecting on-prem, multicloud, and edge data ensures the use of the right service for the right job, improving the utilization of cloud services. 


Utilizing fully managed connectors for services like AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS, and Amazon Kinesis, Confluent helps feed real-time data into applications from development through production. Agencies can modernize at their own pace, building apps as they are needed. Data can move between on-prem and cloud and across multicloud with Cluster Linking, achieving secure, resilient, and consistent data replication. 


Confluent’s deep integrations with AWS Marketplace and services means that security, management, and billing are consistent and centralized. The coordination creates a persistent bridge for networking, security, updates, and more. 

Together, Confluent and AWS help agencies:

  • Accelerate time to value and scale utilizing cloud flexibility

  • Decrease total cost of ownership (TCO), ensuring that all cloud services are used efficiently

  • Reduce unplanned downtime by easing the migration to cloud

  • Reallocate resources and improve productivity with more of the IT functionalities managed by cloud providers

Talk to one of our experts today for more details on how Confluent and AWS powers data integration requirements!

  • Will LaForest is Field CTO for Confluent. In his current position, LaForest works with customers across a broad spectrum of industries and government, enabling them to realize the benefits of a data in motion architecture with event streaming. He is passionate about data technology innovation and has spent 26 years helping customers wrangle data at massive scale. His technical career spans diverse areas from software engineering, NoSQL, data science, cloud computing, machine learning, and building statistical visualization software but began with code slinging at DARPA as a teenager. LaForest holds degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Virginia.

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