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Unlock Real-Time Insights in Your Network with Steel Thread Networking IaC

Using Confluent Cloud’s Kafka-managed clusters and leveraging Confluent Cloud’s Flink service, you can analyze and detect anomalies that could lower the quality of service customers experience when using their mobile devices.

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Consolidate Streaming Data from Edge Network Devices Within a 5G Network

Using Confluent Cloud, you’ll unlock all the possibilities provided by the data your organization generates 24/7.

Instead of waiting for operational reports or incident logs, take a proactive approach by immediately detecting and measuring issues using Streaming Analytics. With Flink compute pools and FlinkSQL, you can query real-time data from every corner of your architecture, enabling swift problem identification and resolution.

Steel Thread represents a robust software design approach with integrated automation capabilities. It offers clients ready-to-deploy reusable infrastructure as code (IaC) to deploy a stream computing platform and a scalable application. This accelerator is designed for networking enterprises to explore stream computing.

Benefits of Steel Thread Networking Accelerator:

Lower your solution time to market by leveraging Infrastructure as Code.

Decrease the costs of resource provisioning by using Confluent Cloud.

Increase the QoS (Quality of Service) provided to customers and ensure that it meets the company standards.

Build with Confluent

This use case leverages the following building blocks in Confluent Cloud:

Reference Architecture

Edge Networking Devices

Generate all the events registered by the applications.

Compute Instances

EC2 instances (simulated on the video in a laptop) that run the producer app that will send the data to Confluent’s Kafka Cluster, via public internet.

Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud hosts the Kafka Cluster and Flink Compute pools that will be used to analyze and aggregate the data.


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