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Featured Partner: KPMG

A Powerful Tool to Reduce Compliance Risk While Enhancing the Overall Experience

Designed to simplify compliance journeys for customers and compliance teams. A versatile single platform designed for multi-purposes, easily customizable to specific needs and use cases.

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Modernize compliance with Sapphirus, a digital fully automated KYC/CDD solution, and deliver value through streamlined operations

The Sapphirus solution was designed to support any type of compliance-related due diligence, focusing on optimizing the cost of operations, improving the quality of the reviews, and excelling in customer experience.

Delivers a next generation of automation where all the architecture decisions are data centric, acknowledging that compliance processes are by nature data driven instead of workflow driven. Keeps a complete audit track throughout the entire KYC/CDD process and ensuring the highest quality of compliance standards.

Reduced KYC Compliance and Handling Costs

Compliance review tasks are now automated, with real-time access to multiple data sources providing up-to-date case files. ID&V is executed swiftly and efficiently, leading to substantial reduction in time and resources previously allocated to manual processes, resulting in cost savings.

Digital Case File

Deep dive into a comprehensive digital customer journey, seamlessly collecting essential data and documents from multiple sources, to identify and verify identities, attesting robust ID&V procedures.

Perpetual KYC

Proactively monitor and maintain vigilance over customers and third-party entities, conducting screening of beneficial owners, shareholders, board members and representatives to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and prevent unexpected issues.

Build with Confluent

This use case leverages the following building blocks in Confluent Cloud:

Reference Architecture

In this example, it is shown the layout of the Sapphirus Platform with a data centric approach.

The solution is composed of four turbines with which can be built any compliance-related due diligence scenario. Each turbine consists of a μService choreography, being new Services can be added to address specific requirements of any client, and combined with those that are part of the core platform – all Services are 100% decoupled (not aware of each other) and event-driven (consuming and producing events).

Data Ingestion

Receives data and/or documents from the outside world – Data Artifacts. Its purpose is to curate that data and interpret it in the light a compliance framework (or policy). Transforms Data Artifacts into Case Fragments and assesses data quality based on configurable data-quality rules.

Case Assembly

Builds an entire Case File from Case Fragments. Each time a new fragment is received for a given case a new version of that case is generated; building a case version from all the fragments received until that moment follows a configurable strategy, obsessing on "case completion."

Compliance Review

Picks up a case and fully reviews it according to a given compliance framework, following a configurable policy definition, obsessing on “case compliance." Creates an Assessment Report for a case, every single time it changes.

Due Diligence

Implements one or more Due Diligence Journeys, defined by Service Protocols, an event-driven script that controls / manages a series of user applications and automatic services through which the diligence communicates with the outside world in order to obtain data/documents for the case files, so that the cases get to completion and compliance.


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