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White Paper

Real-time Fraud Detection - Use Case Implementation

When it comes to fraud detection in financial services, streaming data with Confluent enables you to build the right intelligence—as early as possible—for precise and predictive responses.

Learn how Confluent's event-driven architecture and streaming pipelines deliver a continuous flow of data, aggregated from wherever it resides in your enterprise, to whichever application or team needs to see it. Enrich each interaction, each transaction, and each anomaly with real-time context so your fraud detection systems have the intelligence to get ahead.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Limitations to current approaches
  • Framework for a complete fraud detection solution
  • Implementing multi-channel detection, data integration, and stream processing
  • Using streaming data pipelines to source and sink data in real time
  • Integrating with Machine Learning and AI capabilities
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics

Download the whitepaper to get started with implementing real-time fraud detection.

Download the White Paper

Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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