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Data in Motion: Driving Business Value Using Real-Time Data and Insights

About This Webinar

Providing a seamless digital experience is what our customers have come to expect. As we step into 2022, our businesses are being challenged to evolve even further to maintain that competitive edge.

The new business imperative is real-time digital experience: capturing insights that trigger event-driven services as they happen.

This begs the question, “how can you and your business drive competitive value from your data as it happens?”

Guest speakers:

  • The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Digital and Minister for Customer Service
  • Kate Carruthers, Chief Data & Insights Officer for UNSW Sydney
  • Jun Rao, co-founder at Confluent and Kafka co-creator
  • Craig Baker, Senior Director, Platform Engineering, Afterpay


  • How the NSW Government is using Data to build a customer-focused, digital NSW (recorded session)
  • Why you need to take data seriously and use it to your advantage
  • Data is the new software: Rethinking business with real-time context at the forefront
  • Leveraging data in motion and the cloud to deliver real-time experiences
  • Afterpay use-case

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