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In the quest to maximize data’s full potential effortlessly, access to real-time, reliable, and reusable data is paramount.

The third installment of our global data streaming report—2024 Data Streaming Report: Breaking Down the Barriers to Business Agility and Innovation—taps into insights from 4,110 IT leaders to unveil how data streaming plays a pivotal role in helping organizations make the most of their data and create significant business impact along the way. In fact, our findings reveal 86% of IT leaders are prioritizing investments in data streaming in 2024.

We also zoom into the current state of data streaming adoption—with a focus on benefits and challenges—and how IT leaders are leveraging data streaming platforms (DSPs) to help them operate at the speed of modern business.

Dive in to learn how data streaming plays a pivotal role in:

  • Powering AI adoption and business agility: 63% of IT leaders say DSPs extensively or significantly fuel AI progress and 51% say DSPs enable their organizations to be truly nimble.
  • Driving Impressive ROI and benefits: 84% cite 2x to 10x return on data streaming investments—and 41% cite an ROI of 5x or more.
  • Maximizing data product adoption: 72% cite significant benefits from embracing a data product approach—and 91% of IT leaders are banking on DSPs to drive their data goals.
  • Combatting data challenges: 94% cite five or more areas where DSPs can help combat pervasive data challenges in most and many situations.

Why wait? Learn how your peers across industries are harnessing the power of data streaming to shape the businesses of tomorrow.

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