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How to Secure Data Streams Using Confluent

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While innovative organizations are looking for the best cloud-native solutions, they are also evaluating how much they can trust their technology partners to handle their data in the cloud. This demo webinar will show you how Confluent is the world’s most trusted data streaming platform, with resilience, security, compliance, and privacy built-in by default.

You’ll learn about how with Confluent, you can:

  • Stream confidently with resilience and compliance built-in by default

Confluent complies with all major industry standards, and operates >10K clusters with 99.95% SLA, global availability and zero-downtime

  • Govern, secure and protect your data streams

Secure your data with encryption and authentication, ensure privacy with RBAC and networking, and build trust with Stream Governance

  • Leverage world-class expertise in Apache Kafka©

Confluent is built by the founders of Apache Kafka© and has >1 million hours of expertise, along with a world class team for support, professional services, and training

  • And more!

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Additional Resources

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