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The Top Five Trends for Data Streaming in 2024

Data Streaming with Apache Kafka and Apache Flink is one of the world's most relevant and talked about paradigms in technology. With the buzz around this technology growing, join Kai Waehner, Global Field CTO at Confluent, to hear his predictions for the 'Top Five Trends for Data Streaming in 2024'. In this webinar, Kai will discuss:

  • Data Sharing: Decentralized data mesh architecture with independent data products building or buying cloud-native software components. Collaborating within and outside the organization with data sharing using streaming protocols like Kafka, APIs like REST/HTTP, and open standards like AsyncAPI

  • Data Contracts: Policy enforcement for structure, integrity constraints, metadata, rules, and other requirements to ensure data governance and compliance across the end-to-end data streaming pipelines

  • Serverless Stream Processing: Focusing on business value leveraging a fully managed, integrated, and secure infrastructure for data correlation to implement streaming ETL and application development.

  • Multi-Cloud: Data bridge, migrations, or disaster recovery across cloud providers with reliable uni- or bidirectional data synchronization

  • AI: Data fabric for machine learning infrastructures to train models, real-time model scoring, and integrating 3rd party services like GenAI LLMs or SaaS offerings


Kai Waehner

Global Field CTO, Confluent

Kai Waehner is working with Confluent customers across the world, internal teams, and industry analysts. Kai’s main area of expertise lies within the fields of big data analytics, machine learning, hybrid cloud architectures, event stream processing, and Internet of Things. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as Devoxx, ApacheCon, and Kafka Summit, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog.

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