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Streaming & The Future: Artificial Intelligence as a Data Product

GenAI has the potential to revolutionize industries by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and providing better outcomes for individuals and businesses. This potential has come into being as a result of the availability of large amounts of data and the development of powerful computing systems that can process that data quickly. However, the current hype around AI is distracting businesses from its real value - the capacity to solve real-world problems and address practical challenges. As the AI hype dies down and productive tools begin to emerge, the integration between streaming data and AI will grow stronger.

Join Italo Nesi, Advisory Solutions Engineer at Confluent, for a webinar where he will discuss:

  • Leading use cases for data streaming and GenAI
  • How to tap into continuously enriched, trustworthy data streams to quickly scale and build real-time AI applications
  • How to build governed, secured, and trusted AI
  • How Confluent's depth of integration with Apache Flink makes it easier to build end-to-end AI pipelines that can handle data ingestion, processing, and analysis.
  • The relationship between Machine Learning and Generative AI data products


Italo Nesi

Advisory Solutions Engineer

Italo Nesi is a solutions engineer at Confluent, bringing a wealth of experience in various roles such as software engineer, solutions engineer/architect, pre-sales engineer, full stack developer, IoT developer/architect, and a passionate home automation hobbyist. He possesses a strong penchant for building innovative solutions rather than starting from scratch, leveraging existing tools and technologies to deliver efficient and effective results for the core business. His expertise lies in combining his technical prowess with a practical approach, ensuring optimal outcomes while avoiding unnecessary reinvention of the wheel.

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