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Live on Stage 2023: From Telco to TechCo? How Telcos Are Shaping the Future of Communication with Data Streaming

Event-driven architectures are status quo across the telecommunications industry. Adopting trends like network monitoring, personalized sales, and cybersecurity is only possible if enterprises in the telco industry can provide and correlate information at the right time in the proper context. Data streaming with Apache Kafka® and Confluent is used in a variety of different telco projects in OSS, BSS, and OSS-BSS integration.

This panel of industry experts discuss their everyday usage of data streaming within their companies, how they got there, and what use cases they will be focussing on further down the road.

Hear from Telco Woman of the Year, Antonietta Mastroianni from Proximus, Mariam Kaynia, VP Mass Market at Telefónica, Enterprise Architect and Telco expert Philip Parker, along with Andy Tiller, Executive Vice President, Products & Services at TM Forum, on how they see the future of data streaming in the telco sector. The virtual panel discussion is moderated by Confluent Field CTO Kai Waehner.


Kai Waehner

Global Field CTO, Confluent

Antonietta Mastroianni

Chief Digital & IT Officer, Proximus

Mariam Kaynia

VP Mass Market, Telefónica Germany

Philip Parker

Enterprise Architecture Lead, Deloitte

Andy Tiller

Executive Vice President, TM Forum

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