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Serverless Event Driven Architecture, Made Easier with Confluent and AWS Lambda

Extend, Confluent, AWS

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Many enterprises wanting to accelerate development time for their digital native applications default to serverless architectures, and for good reason. Self-serve provisioning, elastic scaling, lower TCO, and industry-standard security features make it easy for developers to spend more time building and less time managing.

Extend is a modern product protection platform that covers products from point-of-purchase through enjoyment with shipping and product protection. Together with Confluent and Amazon Web Services, Extend has codified and automated all of their infrastructure and leveraged AWS serverless technologies to solve problems for customers by redefining the antiquated extended warranty industry.

Join to explore how Extend pairs Confluent's cloud-native, serverless Apache Kafka offering with AWS serverless services to build data applications and platforms that scale.


Joseph Morais

Staff Partner Solution Engineer, Confluent

Adam Wagner

Serverless Solutions Architect, AWS

Jonathan Kropp

Director of Architecture, Extend

Heather Nelson

Staff Engineer, Architecture, Extend

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Additional Resources

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