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Fast, Frictionless, and Secure Integrations with Confluent’s Connector Portfolio

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Connectors integrate Apache Kafka® with external data systems, enabling you to move away from a brittle spaghetti architecture to one that is more streamlined, secure, and future-proof. However, if your team still spends multiple dev cycles building and managing connectors using just open source Kafka Connect, it’s time to consider a faster and cost-effective alternative.

Confluent provides a rich ecosystem of over 120 pre-built connectors created by Kafka experts so that you don’t have to build your own for popular data systems that everyone uses. Over 80 of them are also available as fully managed on Confluent Cloud, making it possible to integrate your data systems in minutes with just a few clicks. For homegrown systems and custom applications, Confluent also offers custom connectors where you can bring your connector plugins while we manage the underlying Connect infrastructure.

In this upcoming demo webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Save ~3-6 months of engineering design, build, test, and maintenance effort for each connector
  • Modernize your tech stack by easily bridging legacy systems to cloud-based technologies
  • Accelerate your entire pipeline development process with productivity features like single message transforms and instant connector configuration validations
  • Set up secure private networking paths and migrate from a self-managed to fully managed connector

What are you waiting for? Register now to remove data silos and free yourself from building and managing connectors forever.

Mac is a senior product marketing manager at Confluent responsible for go-to-market for Kafka connectors. Prior to Confluent, he led a team of solution architects at Google designing marketing infrastructure for retail customers.

Erick Lee is a Product Manager at Confluent focused on Connect. Prior to product management, he worked as a Solutions Engineer partnering with Digital Native customers on building out their data streaming platforms. He started his career at Oracle within the analytics and data warehouse space. Outside of work you'll often time find him rock climbing and enjoying the outdoors.

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