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How to Optimize your SIEM Platforms with Confluent

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Conventional SIEM architecture is slow, costly, and inflexible. Confluent can help modernize your SIEM architecture for speed and flexibility in order to:

  • Capture and curate data at wire speed, and petabyte scale, across distributed environments that conventional ingest approaches can’t match
  • Detect, filter, and enrich data to deliver real-time situational awareness, reduce false positives, and respond to incidents and threats faster
  • Avoid vendor lock-in from expensive proprietary tools, and utilize a tiered data model to minimize software and infrastructure costs

In this webinar, we’ll illustrate these benefits by showing you how

  • Kafka Connect ingests authentic network traffic data captured from an exfiltration exercise
  • Confluent Sigma and ksqlDB process data
  • Kafka Connect Sinks the results to Elastic and Splunk SIEM services for further analysis (at much lower cost)

You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to modernize your SIEM architecture for higher throughput, lower latency, and more cost efficiency. You’ll also be able to run the demo and explore a series of hands-on labs for yourself and dig into the technical details. These labs will be made available to you in the browser with just a single click.

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