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How Data Streaming Elevates the Omnichannel Customer Experience

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A conversation with Thrivent and Improving

Why would a membership-owned fraternal financial services organization need to invest in their data architecture? The answer lies at the heart of their corporate mission—putting their customer first.

Thrivent knew it needed an agile platform that would put its data close to all customer touchpoints for a frictionless omnichannel experience. To realize this vision, the firm needed to decouple data from its core systems to provide faster access to data consumers within the company. And so began the journey to build out its proprietary architecture—the Thrivent Integration Platform (TIP)—to bring today’s customers the experiences they’re asking for.

In this webinar, you’ll get a close look at the architecture behind TIP that makes it the innovative platform it is today. Underpinned by Confluent’s real-time data streaming, Thrivent customers now get a seamless experience, regardless of the channel on which they interact.

You will also hear best practices from our systems integration partner, Improving, which helped Thrivent on this data transformation journey with an exceptional time to market.

Join us to explore some of the essential pieces of this success story:

  • Proximity to the customer: Understanding where real-time data ingestion and processing happens to drive an exceptional customer experience
  • Realities and challenges of building a next-gen data streaming architecture
  • Building reusable APIs to stay agile, with data ready for future state

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Experienced digital transformation specialist dedicated to leveraging technology for customer-centric value delivery. Proficient in creating and enhancing integration products like APIs, data streaming, and bulk load assets, as well as shaping robust data foundations for analytics and MDM. Recognized thought leader in crafting pragmatic organizational transformation strategies. Proven track record of delivering exceptional products across diverse tech domains and industries, earning a reputation for execution excellence and mentorship. A passionate engineering professional holding a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Software Engineering.

Matt Schroeder is the director of the real-time data group at Improving. Improving is a modern digital services consulting firm and has expertise across the stack, but Matt’s emphasis is on the Confluent partnership and event-driven architecture. Matt guides Improving clients through data transformations and moonlights as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Event Driven Architecture at the University of Minnesota.

Peter considers himself lucky to have worked all over the world in diverse areas of the tech industry over many years. Having primarily spent the first half of his career working on batch-based, finance-related systems, he became an advocate of event streaming architectures in the early 2010s.

With the convergence of data streaming, automation, and artificial intelligence on the cusp of this fourth industrial revolution, Peter firmly believes there has never been a more exciting time to be helping customers maximize the value they can obtain from processing their data in motion.

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