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Monolith to Event-driven Microservices with McAfee: Crafting the Winning Kafka Strategy

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Migrating from a monolith to agile event-driven microservices, can be challenging especially when it comes to scaling, monitoring, ensuring uptime and security, and convincing leadership to invest in this transformative journey.

This was exactly what happened at McAfee, whose business deals with millions of endpoints that provide insights, such as automatically alerting a customer to a breach and walking them through the corrective action.

As cybercrime became exponentially more complex, so did McAfee’s data landscape—specifically, their reliance on real-time data to meet modern business demands. McAfee’s IT teams had been tasked with managing Apache Kafka® and various data streaming technologies, but McAfee was also on a cloud-native modernization journey that required building out a distributed microservices ecosystem. With an ever-increasing number of data sources for modern cybercrime, and the need to focus on mission-critical product development rather than managing infrastructure, the move from open source Kafka became necessary.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  1. The momentum of legacy modernization and how it intersects with open-source streaming technologies like Apache Kafka with Michele Goetz, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester
  2. How McAfee expedited product development timelines by successfully migrating millions of endpoints and 2 billion events per day from their legacy monolith to an event-driven microservices environment with Mahesh Tyagarajan, VP, Platform Engineering and Architecture
  3. Strategies procuring senior leadership buy-in for migrating to an event-driven architecture (EDA) and leveraging a fully managed Kafka service to alleviate the burden on your engineering teams

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders on how to craft the winning Kafka strategy that can help transform your career.


Michele Goetz

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

Michele Goetz serves enterprise architects, chief data officers, and business analysts trying to navigate the complexities of data while running an insight-driven business. Her research covers artificial intelligence technologies and consultancies, semantic technology, data management strategy, data governance, and data integration.

Mahesh Tyagarajan

VP, Platform Engineering and Architecture at McAfee

Mahesh is a seasoned technology executive at McAfee with a rich history of leadership roles at Kroger, Walmart, Ticketmaster / Live Nation, eBay, and PayPal. He has also held various CXO roles in multiple startups in the Silicon Valley.

His focus has been leading the areas of engineering execution, software architecture, product and operations. Mahesh comes with deep technical/product expertise in cloud native platforms: PaaS & SaaS; hyper-scaled platforms; eCommerce; digital transformation; data & machine learning; micro services; and mobile.

Additionally, he has been scaling/growing technology organizations through his experience in identifying, attracting and retaining talent in a multitude of locations around the world.

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