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Modern Practices for Agile Data Mesh Architectures

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In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies of all sizes are increasingly seeking new data management approaches. This includes redefining how data is ingested, stored, analyzed, governed, and shared across its developer communities. A properly implemented data mesh decentralizes control of your company data allowing you to scale your data architecture, and eliminating point-to-point connections between data pipelines. From Git to microservices, to cryptocurrencies, these designs look to decentralization as a method of breaking apart centralized bottlenecks.

Join us to learn how:

  • Data mesh is an approach to data and organizational management centered around decentralizing control of data itself.
  • Organizations make choices and investments into specific technologies and operational policies when implementing the mesh.

You will hear from subject matter experts from Confluent and Microsoft as they explore legacy and emerging analytical patterns for making data available across the enterprise, in real-time, and self-service.


Jacob Bogie

Cloud Partner Solutions Architect, Confluent

Erick Lee

Senior Product Manager, Confluent

Erick Lee is a Product Manager at Confluent focused on Connect. Prior to product management, he worked as a Solutions Engineer partnering with Digital Native customers on building out their data streaming platforms. He started his career at Oracle within the analytics and data warehouse space. Outside of work you'll often time find him rock climbing and enjoying the outdoors.

Peter Parker

Cloud Solution Architect - Digital Natives and High Tech Pursuit, Microsoft

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