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Ensure Kafka system health and minimize business disruption with Confluent Platform 6.2 and Health+

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Since data in motion is the backbone of business-critical applications, lag or downtime can lead to mission critical processes and applications failing, causing significant business disruption and data loss. When data stops being in motion, your business grinds to a halt, which is critical for organizations as they compete to innovate and win in a digital-first world.

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to Confluent Platform 6.2, which offers Health+, a new feature that includes intelligent alerting and cloud-based monitoring tools to reduce the risk of downtime, streamline troubleshooting, surface key metrics, and accelerate issue resolution.

We'll also walk you through a technical demo that shows you how to enable Health+, set up intelligent alerts developed from expert-tested rules and algorithms, and view all your critical health metrics in a single, cloud-based dashboard. Through this demo, you’ll learn how to customize your notifications so you have complete visibility and use monitoring dashboards to dig deep into problems and analyze usage of your system.

Register now to learn how to:

  • Reduce risk of downtime and data loss with intelligent alerts to identify potential issues before they occur and avoid business disruption
  • Ensure the health of your environment(s) and quickly troubleshoot issues through real-time and historical visualizations of monitoring data
  • Speed issue resolution and minimize business disruption with a streamlined and accelerated Confluent Support experience


  • Hasan Jilani, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Confluent
  • Jesse Miller, Sr. Product Manager, Confluent

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