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Elastically Scaling Kafka Using Confluent

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The number of mission-critical apps and the amount of data underpinning them has grown exponentially in the increasingly digital world - with no sign of slowing down. But rigid data architectures slow organizations down, forcing them to spend too much up front on resources they don’t use, and causing lag or downtime across their apps. In today’s hypercompetitive digital world where customer loyalty connects with the best performing applications, every millisecond delay could be another lost customer.

Adjusting to the real-time needs of your mission-critical apps is only possible with an architecture that scales elastically. Confluent re-engineered Apache Kafka into an elastically scalable, next-gen event streaming platform that processes real-time data wherever it lives - making it accessible for any budget or use case.

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  • Quickly deploy Kafka in Confluent Cloud with just a few clicks and elastically scale your workloads
  • Effortlessly connect your critical data sources and sinks to Kafka to build a complete data pipeline for your real-time apps
  • Easily process streaming data with a simple interactive SQL interface using fully-managed KSQL
  • Accelerate the deployment of standardized, self-managed Kafka clusters as cloud-native systems on Kubernetes to achieve elastic scale with Confluent Platform

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