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Demo Webinar: Stream Designer, Stream Governance Advanced, and More

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The Confluent Q4 ‘22 Launch is full of new features to help your business innovate quickly with real-time data streaming. What’s new? Streaming data pipelines are simpler than ever to build, with governance to back it up. We are introducing Stream Designer, a new visual canvas for building pipelines in minutes, Stream Governance Advanced, expanding on the existing suite of enterprise-grade governance tools, and much more!

This demo webinar will provide you with everything you need to get started with the latest updates to Confluent Cloud, our cloud-native data streaming platform.

In this demo webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Stream Designer
    Rapidly build, test, and deploy streaming data pipelines powered by Apache Kafka, using a visual interface that’s extensible with SQL
  • Stream Governance Advanced
    See how enterprise-grade governance works in action, with globally available quality controls, business metadata, and point-in-time lineage insights
  • Private Service Connect for Google Cloud
    Build simple and secure connections from your VPC to Confluent Cloud with preferred private networking options now supported across all 3 major CSPs
  • And more new capabilities too…!

Get all the details on new features and more in the Confluent Q4 ‘22 Launch announcement blog post. The session is now available on-demand.

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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