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Data Streaming in Real Life: Retail

Data streaming and event-driven architectures are the go-to architecture patterns for 2023 across all industries. Still, different industries face different challenges and follow different trends, even though there are common ones that we find horizontally. This webinar series is designed to give a deep dive into the state of data streaming in a variety of industries, with examples from all around the globe.

This webinar explores the state of data streaming for the Retail Industry in 2023. Join us to learn more about:

  • how the evolution of supply chains, real-time inventory, and digitalized B2B and customer relations led to the need for modern, open, and scalable information sharing.
  • how data streaming provides the ability to integrate and correlate data in real-time at any scale.
  • which enterprise architectures are trending in the retail industry globally.

Kai Waehner, Global Field CTO at Confluent, explores general trends like customer-driven in-store experiences, social & locality platforms, and how data streaming helps modernize and innovate customer experiences as well as operational efficiencies. The session will feature real-life use cases and data streaming customer stories from customers like, Walmart, Albertsons, and many more.


Kai Waehner

Global Field CTO, Confluent

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Additional Resources

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