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Data Streaming & Airlines: A Match Made in Heaven (and on the Ground)

Aviation and travel are notoriously vulnerable to social, economic, and political events. The pandemic proved this statement right, but the constant and upcoming changes are foremost ever-changing expectations of both businesses and leisure travelers. To fulfill these expectations, airlines need to digitally integrate their own IT infrastructure into their ecosystem of partners and suppliers ones, to provide more personalized customer experiences.

In this webinar, Field CTO Kai Waehner explores use cases, architectures, and success stories for data streaming in the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, global distribution systems (GDS), aircraft manufacturers, and more. Kai is joined by Sebastian Weber and Krzysztof Toruński from Lufthansa who share some insights on how they built a better, cheaper, resilient, and faster infrastructure for real-time data processing at scale.

Their Kafka Unified Streaming Cloud Operations project (KUSCO) is currently the lighthouse project of Lufthansa Group.

This webinar covers the following trends and use cases:

  • Most common usage of data streaming technology in the aviation industry, such as predictive maintenance, customer notifications on delays and cancellations, loyalty platforms to drive customer satisfaction and retention, or B2B integration with suppliers and partners.
  • How stream processing can correlate complex aviation ecosystems, based on a real-life example, using ksqlDB.
  • How Lufthansa is leveraging the entire Kafka ecosystem to build a cloud-native middleware, including different clients/proxies, connectors, stream processing, and data governance.


Kai Waehner

Global Field CTO, Confluent

Kai Waehner is working with Confluent customers across the world, internal teams, and industry analysts. Kai’s main area of expertise lies within the fields of big data analytics, machine learning, hybrid cloud architectures, event stream processing, and Internet of Things. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as Devoxx, ApacheCon, and Kafka Summit, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog.

Sebastian Weber

Domain Architect Data & Analytics, Lufthansa Group

Krzysztof Toruński

Systems Architect, Lufthansa Systems Poland

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