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Consolidating Data Silos with Confluent and Google Cloud

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Are you challenged with silos of data spread over different projects, applications and teams? Do you want to find a simple solution to consolidate all of your feeds of data in real-time, in a single platform? Look no further! In this webinar, we’ll show you how to leverage Confluent Cloud and Google Cloud Platform products such as BigQuery to streamline your data in minutes, setting your data in motion.

Join experts from Google Cloud and Confluent for:

  • An exploration of the solution
  • An overview of newly announced features
  • A quick demo and Q&A with our subject matter experts.


Elena Cuevas

Senior Partner Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Elena Cuevas is a Senior Partner Solutions Engineer at Confluent, where she focuses on the Google Cloud partnership. Before joining Confluent, Elena spent several years at Google working directly with some of the biggest Google Cloud customers.

Frances McFall

Cloud Sales Engineer, Google

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