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Connect, Process, and Share Trusted Data Faster than Ever

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The Confluent Cloud Q2 ‘23 Launch brings you new features that enable you to connect, process and share trusted data faster than ever with our complete data streaming platform. In the launch webinar, you’ll learn about Kora, the Apache Kafka® engine built for the cloud. Kora empowers Confluent Cloud with multi-tenancy and serverless abstraction, automated operations, service decoupling, and global availability, all enabling improved scalability, reliability and performance for your data streaming workloads.

In this launch, we’re also introducing Data Quality Rules in Stream Governance, Custom Connectors, Stream Sharing, and much more! This demo webinar will provide everything you need to get started with the latest updates to Confluent Cloud, our cloud-native data streaming platform.

In this demo webinar, get to know:

  • Kora Engine The Apache Kafka® engine built for the cloud
  • Data Quality Rules in Stream Governance Deliver trusted, high-quality data streams to downstream consumers using customizable rules to enforce data integrity and compatibility
  • Custom Connectors Break any data silo without needing to manage Kafka Connect infrastructure by bringing your own connector plugins to Confluent Cloud
  • Stream Sharing The easiest and safest way to share streaming data across organizations
  • And more new capabilities too…!

Get all the details on new features and more in the Confluent Cloud Q2 ‘23 Launch announcement blog post.

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