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Confluent x AWS Cloud Forum: How SOCAR Building Real-Time Personalized Promotion & Data Pipeline with Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud alleviates the burden of managing Apache Kafka, Schema Registry, Connect, and ksqlDB so teams can effectively focus on modern app development and deliver immediate value with your real-time use cases.

Join Confluent and AWS Cloud Forum and hear from SOCAR Malaysia on how they built their event-driven architecture and modern data pipelines initiatives to drive true Customer 360, in-app “Super Referral Program'' and real–time analytics to improve operational efficiency, attain better customer experience and increase market competitiveness through Confluent Cloud. We will also showcase how organizations can get started quickly and activate Confluent Cloud via AWS Marketplace.


Engin Cukuroglu

Staff Solutions Engineer, APAC

Mustafa Zaidi


Muhammad Aneeq Yusuf

Data Engineer

Terry Goldman

Head of Partner Solutions Architecture, ISV, APAC

Terry is a native of northern California, where he spent most of his life in Carmel, California, and graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Computer Science.

He has over 25 years of experience in enterprise presales and software development. Before joining AWS, Terry worked for several Fortune 100 companies, as a recognized technical sales leader for enterprise solution. Terry has lived in Singapore for over the last 16 years, where he has mentored and consulted with many customers in the Asia-Pacific region including large enterprises, SMBs, and government organizations—guiding customers in their journey toward cloud adoption as a certified Enterprise Architect, Technical Evangelist and Technical Sales Leader for the Asia Pacific and the US regions, specializing in Cloud, Big Data, Governance, and Service-oriented architecture.

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Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices