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Build your own private cloud Kafka service with Confluent for Kubernetes

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Almost every enterprise is on a journey to the cloud, but some companies need to keep certain workloads on-premises and others can’t make a sudden shift to cloud. These businesses need a platform for data in motion that brings the same benefits and operational advantages of the cloud to their on-premise environments.

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to Confluent for Kubernetes which provides a complete, declarative API for deploying Confluent Platform as cloud-native system for Kubernetes. This enables a consistent operational experience for data in motion regardless of environment.

We'll also walk you through a technical demo that shows you all the steps to use Confluent for Kubernetes to deploy Confluent Platform with full security using a single, declarative spec. Through this demo, you'll learn how to use infrastructure-as-code to provision and manage the entire infrastructure, which saves both time and money.

Register now to learn how to:

  • Achieve faster time-to-value and reduce operational burdens with a fully elastic and scalable cloud-native experience in your private infrastructure
  • Reduce risk and costly resource investments with a complete, ready-to-use, and secure platform to implement data in motion use cases end-to-end
  • Deploy to any private cloud solution with confidence and easily create hybrid and multi-cloud architectures


  • Hasan Jilani, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Confluent
  • Rohit Bakhshi, Staff Product Manager, Confluent Platform, Confluent

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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