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Build Streaming Pipelines with Change Data Capture for Data Warehouses

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Data pipelines perform much of the heavy lifting in organizations for integrating, transforming, and preparing the data for subsequent use in downstream systems for real-time analytical use cases.

Learn about the challenges with batch-based data pipelines, and the benefits of streaming pipelines and change data capture (CDC). This webinar will walk through the story of a retailer with siloed data across environments. Their goal is to bring data together to get a more complete view of their customers so they can create real-time personalized promotions.

The demo will show you how to:

  • Connect data from an on-prem Oracle DB and cloud PostgreSQL to Snowflake in real time, using fully managed Confluent source and sink connectors
  • Process data streams with ksqlDB to combine and enrich customer data, enabling Customer 360 for building personalized promotions
  • Govern and offload the operational burden of managing streaming pipelines with Confluent’s fully managed platform

Learn to build streaming data pipelines with CDC to unleash real-time, analytics-ready data in your cloud data warehouse. Register today!


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Additional Resources

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