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Stream Data with Confluent Cloud into Databricks

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Cloud data warehouses power business-critical and advanced analytics for organizations at lower costs, increased elasticity, and improved performance.

However, the journey to a cloud data warehouse isn’t always easy or fast given the high costs of intermediary data systems and the complexities of integrating data silos across hybrid or multicloud environments. Existing data pipelines are often brittle and rigid with data fidelity and governance challenges. Learn how Confluent and Databricks help modernize your data architecture.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how to build Confluent streaming data pipelines to Databricks across on-prem and cloud environments to enable real-time BI, AI, and machine learning use cases. Our demo will show how to create a real-time risk reporting dashboard using:

  • Confluent’s pre-built source and sink connectors, including Change Data Capture (CDC)
  • ksqlDB to build stream processing applications, joining and enriching data streams in real time
  • Stream Governance with Schema Registry to ensure downstream compatibility
  • Databricks Delta Lake for BI and reporting


Anand Venugopal

Business Development Leader, Confluent

Tim Hyde II

Partner Solutions Engineer, Confluent

Soham Bhatt

Lead Solutions Architect, Databricks

Ricardo Portilla

Industry Lead - Financial Services, Databricks

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