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Bring the power of Kafka and data in motion to your business: How to get started

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Companies able to meet demanding customer expectations and create critically efficient operations run on data in motion. They’re tapped into a constant supply of real-time event streams and continuous real-time processing, connecting their data and reacting to it across apps and lines of business.

Join this webinar to find out how you can establish event streaming as the central nervous system of your entire business, perhaps starting with a single use case and eventually architecting a system around event-driven microservices or delivering net-new capabilities like streaming ETL or a comprehensive customer 360.

You’ll learn:

  • The context of where Apache Kafka®, Confluent, and event streaming converge to enable data in motion
  • The most common initial use cases for Kafka and examples of Confluent customers who have already successfully set their data in motion
  • Exactly how Confluent enables you to build and launch faster on a fully managed, cloud-native service

This is the place to start if tapping into the power of data in motion is important to your business (and it should be!).

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