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10 Ways Data Streaming Transforms Financial Services

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Every aspect of the financial services industry is undergoing some form of transformation. By leveraging the power of real-time data streaming, financial firms can drive personalized customer experiences, proactively mitigate cyber risk, and drive regulatory compliance.

In this webinar Duncan Ash, Vice President of Confluent’s Global Industries, Saul Caganoff, Principal at Deloitte Australia, and Jill Macmurchy, VP of Confluent’s Solutions Engineering APAC will discuss the recent white paper 10 Ways Confluent Drives Transformation in Financial Firms.

They'll take a deep dive into how real-time data streaming can address current challenges facing the financial services industry including how banking customers expect personalized service and real-time account insight from any device, on demand.

You won’t want to miss it.


Duncan Ash

Global Industries, Vice President, Confluent

Saul Caganoff


Saul Caganoff is a Principal in Deloitte's Cloud & Engineering Practice. With more than 30 years industry experience across government, financial services and utilities - Saul is a recognized leader on systems integration and event-driven architecture. Saul has worked with government agencies in Queensland, NSW and Victoria delivering strategies and solutions to enable digital citizen experiences and cross-agency collaboration.

Jill Macmurchy

VP of Solutions Engineering APAC

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