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Messaging Integration with Confluent

Messaging systems are successfully deployed in a wide variety of ways within today’s production enterprise architectures. However, due to demands for greater scalability, improved resiliency and continuous stream processing, it’s become imperative to integrate these systems with modern event streaming. By doing so, enterprises can reduce TCO, modernize infrastructure and benefit from blazing fast performance at any scale.

In the presented example, we integrate messaging systems with Confluent. We show the ingestion of data from ActiveMQ, IBM MQ, RabbitMQ, or Tibco EMS via Kafka Connect and Confluent Schema registry. We illustrate stream processing, using ksqlDB to merge, enrich and join data sets from different messaging systems. Lastly, we show using Kafka Connect to relay the resulting event streams to an ElasticSearch Index, but this can also be an RDBMS, a NoSQL Database, or Confluent Cloud.

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