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White Paper

Messaging Integration with Confluent

Messaging systems have been successfully deployed in a wide variety of ways within today’s production enterprise architectures. But enterprises are increasingly looking to unlock the value of data that’s locked away in these legacy systems for data in motion and real-time use-case as well as build data pipelines for cloud based applications.

In this white paper, we cover how to:

  • Keep your existing on-prem messaging middleware in place and use Confluent to power hybrid-cloud use-cases.
  • Ingest data from ActiveMQ, IBM MQ, RabbitMQ, or TIBCO EMS via pre-built and fully managed connectors and Confluent Schema registry
  • Leverage ksqlDB for stream processing to merge, enrich, and join data sets from different messaging systems
  • Relay the resulting data to an ElasticSearch or MongoDB sink on the Cloud via fully managed connectors— or an RDBMS, NoSQL or another Database.

By putting data in motion across your organization, your developers can focus on building business logic faster by leveraging a rich ecosystem of connectors and sophisticated stream processing capabilities. Migrate at your own pace to a cloud-first architecture.

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