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Choosing Christmas Movies with Kubernetes, Spring Boot, and Kafka Streams

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Workshop: Help Santa choose which Christmas movies to put in your stocking!

Christmas is coming, and Santa would like to recruit YOU to be one of his little helpers! He needs your help to choose which Christmas movies to put in your stocking this holiday season and could really use your assistance.

This holiday season, we’re embarking on a journey to find the meaning of Christmas—er, we mean the ratings of Christmas movies!

During this workshop, we will do just that! It’ll also be your chance to ask Santa all the questions you’ve ever wanted.

Using Kafka Streams and Spring Boot, we will:

  • Build an image and provide deployment descriptors
  • Deploy applications to Kubernetes
  • Deploy automation using Skaffold secret management to connect to external services like Confluent Cloud

Here’s what you’ll need in advance:

  • Kubectl
  • Skaffold CLI
  • Kubernetes cluster
    • You can use local cluster with minikube or Docker Desktop or any managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Minimum Java 11
  • IDE of your choice (like IntelliJ IDEA community edition)

Use the promo code MOVIES200 to receive an additional $200 of free Confluent Cloud usage. See you at the North Pole!

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