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Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016

View sessions and slides from Kafka Summit San Francisco 2016


The Rise of Real-Time

  • Jay Kreps, Confluent

Welcome to Kafka Summit 2016

  • Neha Narkhede, Confluent

Uber - Kafka + Uber- The World’s Realtime Transit Infrastructure

  • Aaron Schildkrout, Uber

Systems Track

Fundamentals of Stream Processing with Apache Beam

  • Tyler Akidau, Snowflake
  • Frances Perry, Google

Advanced Streaming Analytics with Apache Flink and Apache Kafka

  • Stephan Ewen, Data Artisans

Introducing Kafka Streams: Large-scale Stream Processing with Kafka

  • Neha Narkhede, Confluent

Kafka Connect: Real-time Data Integration at Scale with Apache Kafka

  • Ewen Cheslack-Postava, Confluent

Conquering All Your Stream Processing Needs with Kafka and Spark

  • Tathagata Das, Databricks

Simplifying Event Streaming: Tools for Location Transparency and Data Evolution

  • Paul Osman, Under Armour

Streaming SQL

  • Julian Hyde, Hortonworks

Generating Real-time Recommendations with NiFi, Kafka, and Spark

  • Chris Fregly, IBM Spark Technology Center

Operations Track

Kafka at Scale in Cloud

  • Allen Wang, Netflix

When it Absolutely, Positively, Has to be There: Reliability Guarantees in Kafka

  • Gwen Shapira, Confluent
  •  Jeff Holoman, Cloudera

Some “Kafkaesque” Days in Operations at Linkedin in 2015

  • Joel Koshy, LinkedIn

Securing Kafka

  • Jun Rao, Confluent

More Datacenters, More Problems

  • Todd Palino, LinkedIn

Building an Event-oriented Data Platform with Kafka

  • Eric Sammer, Decodable

Deploying Kafka at Dropbox

  • Sean Fellows, Dropbox
  • Mark Smith, Dropbox

101 Ways to Configure Kafka - Badly

  • Henning Spjelkavik,
  • Audun Fauchald Strand, NAV

Users Track

Stream Processing with Kafka in Uber

  • Danny Yuan, Uber

Siphon - Near Real Time Databus Using Kafka

  • Eric Boyd, Microsoft
  • Nitin Kumar, Microsoft

The Enterprise Service Bus is Dead! Long live the Enterprise Service Bus

  • Rimas Silkaitis, Heroku

Espresso Database Replication with Kafka

  • Tom Quiggle, LinkedIn

Leveraging Kafka for Big Data in Real Time Bidding, Analytics, Machine Learning and Campaign Management for Globally Distributed Data Flows

  • Helena Edelson, Tuplejump

Towards A Stream Centered Enterprise

  • Gabriel Commeau, Comcast

Kafka, the "DialTone for Data": Building a self-service, scalable, streaming analytics system @ HomeAway

  • Rene Parra, Homeaway

Kafka, Killer of Point-to-Point Integrations

  • Lucian Lita, Intuit

Ingesting Complex Healthcare Data with Apache Kafka

  • Micah Whitacre, Cerner Corporation

Kafka and Stream Processing, Taking Analytics Real-time

  •  Mike Spicer, IBM and IBM Streams

Never at Rest - IoT and Data Streaming at British Gas Connected Homes

  • Paul Makkar, Connected Homes

Real-Time Analytics Visualized w/ Kafka + Streamliner + MemSQL + ZoomData

  • Anton Gorshkov, Goldman Sachs