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Measuring your Digital Transformation: Why Real Time Analytics are the Critical Next Step

As your company moves through their digital transformation using Apache Kafka, how are they measuring their progress? Are they still using pre-digital data warehouse and data lake technology to answer the day-to-day operational questions? A modern company needs a modern real-time analytics platform to uncover the insights required to effectively understand how their digital transformation is affecting their business. Apache Kafka – with help from other real-time analytics technologies like Apache Druid and Apache Superset – can provide the tools to make this happen.


Rachel Pedreschi

Rachel Pedreschi is the Field Engineering Director at Imply Data. A "Big Data Geek-ette," Rachel is no stranger to the world of big data, fast data, and everything in between. She is a Vertica-, Informix-, and Redbrick-certified DBA on top of her work with Apache Cassandra, Apache Ignite, and Apache Druid. She has more than 20 years of high-performance database experience. Rachel has an MBA from San Francisco State University and a BA in Mathematics from University of California, Santa Cruz.