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KSQL-ops! Running ksqlDB in the Wild

Since its release in 2018, KSQL has grown from interesting curiosity into ksqlDB - a production grade streaming system. What does it look like to run KSQL in the enterprise? How has the promise of the Kafka Streams with an SQL dialect worked in the wild?

Let's explore stream processing with ksqlDB in the enterprise. How is it used to rapid prototyping; for taking an idea to production. Using the flexible scripting to help teams with error discover and system introspection. Plus how extended teams can use KSQL as a stepping stone for building and sharing real-time scoring and streaming insights.

This session will cover production deployments of ksqlDB in banking, finance, transport and insurance. What can go wrong, and what can go right. See how teams embrace the technology to solve stream processing challenges.


Simon Aubury

Simon Aubury is a data geek on all things from databases to event streaming, architecture, IoT, and cloud. A data engineer architect from Sydney, Australia, he lives with his wife, two kids, and a grumpy cat.