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How Confluent Completes the Event Streaming Platform

Apache Kafka fundamentally changes how organizations build and deploy a universal data pipeline that is scalable, reliable, and durable enough to meet the needs of digital-first organizations. However, as powerful as Kafka is today, it’s not an event-streaming platform - and getting it there on your own is a long, complicated, and expensive process. Earlier this year Confluent announced Project Metamorphosis - our plan to bring the best characteristics of cloud native systems to Apache Kafka. Since May we’ve begun transforming Confluent Cloud and Confluent Platform to do just that.

Join two of our Product Managers, Dan Rosanova and Addison Huddy to: Learn how we’ve evolved Confluent Cloud with the first phase of Project Metamorphosis releases

See how Confluent Platform 6.0 brings these transformational, cloud-like qualities to self-managed Kafka Get a sneak peak of our next Metamorphosis theme and how it impacts your Kafka and event-streaming strategy.


Addison Huddy
Dan Rosanova