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Getting Started with Apache Kafka - a Contributor's Journey

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Contributing to an open source project can be a very rewarding experience especially when you realize how your contributions are transforming the project and impacting others in a positive way. However, as a newcomer to an open source project with several moving parts and a very rich ecosystem, getting started and getting involved as a contributor can be overwhelming sometimes. You might start to wonder: How does the project operate? What and how can I contribute? Where do I get even started?

In this session, we will cover how to go from zero to contributing in a very short time. We will also cover the benefits of contributing to an open source project such as Apache Kafka, why you should get involved, how you can contribute, and the various areas you can contribute to the project. Contributing typically starts with answering questions on the mailing list or StackOverflow, reporting bugs, or helping to maintain the documentation. Then, it goes all the way to submitting patches, participating in design discussions, and testing releases to name just a few.

Regardless of whether you are a newcomer or already contributing in some form to the project, you will find this session very valuable and a great way to jumpstart and/or accelerate your participation in the Apache Kafka project. Apache Kafka has a very open and friendly community and we are looking forward to meeting you on the mailing list!

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