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Exactly-Once Made Easy: Transactional Messaging Improvement for Usability and Scalability

This talk is aimed to give developers who are interested to scale their streaming application with Exactly-Once (EOS) guarantees. Since the original release, EOS processing has received wide adoption as a much needed feature inside the community, and has also exposed various scalability and usability issues when applied in production systems.

To address those issues, we improved on the existing EOS model by integrating static Producer transaction semantics with dynamic Consumer group semantics. We will have a deep-dive into the newly added features (KIP-447), from which the audience will have more insight into the scalability v.s. semantics guarantees tradeoffs and how Kafka Streams specifically leveraged them to help scale EOS streaming applications written in this library. We would also present how the EOS code can be simplified with plain Producer and Consumer. Come to learn more if you wish to adopt this improved EOS feature and get started on building your own EOS application today!


Boyang Chen
Guozhang Wang