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Building Information Systems using Event Modeling

Event Modeling is a fairly new information system modeling discipline created by Adam Dymitruk that is heavily influenced by CQRS and Event Sourcing. Its lineage follows from Event Storming, Design Thinking, and other modeling practices from the Agile and Domain-Driven Design communities. The methodology emphasizes simplicity (there are only four model ingredients) and inclusion of non-developer participants.

Like other modeling disciplines, Event Modeling is sufficiently general to enable collaborative learning and knowledge exchange among UI/UX designers, software engineers and architects, and business domain experts. But it's also sufficiently expressive and specific to be directly actionable by the implementors of the information system described by the model. During this talk, we'll:
• Build an Event Model of a simple information system, including wire-framing the UI/UX experience
• Explore how to proceed from model to implementation using Kafka, its Streams and Connect APIs, and KSQL
• Jump-start the implementation by generating code directly from the Event Model
• Track and measure the work of implementation by generating tasks directly from the Event Model


Bobby Calderwood