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Building Event Streaming Applications with Pac-Man

Since Pac-Man was originally released in the '80s, it has been a beacon of fun and joy for people of all ages. What few people know is that this game can also be used to inspire developers on how to build event streaming applications. In this near-zero-slides talk, attendees will get to play the game to generate events. As they play, the presenter will write from scratch a scoreboard using ksqlDB -- an open-source event streaming database built for Apache Kafka.

After building the scoreboard, it will be discussed the different strategies to make the data available elsewhere so any interested service could leverage it with ease. Examples of these services will be provided to monitor in near real-time the scoreboard, revealing whoever is the most proficient Pac-Man player in the room.


Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo is a Developer Advocate at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. He has +21 years of experience working with Software Engineering, where he specialized in different types of Distributed Systems architectures such as Integration, SOA, NoSQL, Messaging, In-Memory Caching, and Cloud Computing. Prior to Confluent, he worked for other vendors such as Oracle, Red Hat and IONA Technologies, as well as several consulting firms. While at Oracle, he used to be part of the Alpha Team, otherwise known as “The A-Team” — a special unit from the Engineering organization that handles projects using the following philosophy: when all else fails, we don’t. Currently, he lives in Apex, North Carolina, with his wife, son and two dogs.