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White Paper

Kafka Serialization and Deserialization (SerDes) Examples

To put real-time data to work, event streaming applications rely on stream processing, Kafka Connect allows developers to capture events from end systems.. By leveraging Kafka Streams API as well, developers can build pipelines that both ingest and transform streaming data for application consumption, designed with data stream format and serialization in mind.

Download the white paper to explore five examples of different data formats, SerDes combinations connector configurations and Kafka Streams code for building event streaming pipelines:

  1. Confluent CLI Producer with String
  2. JDBC source connector with JSON
  3. JDBC source connector with SpecificAvro
  4. JDBC source connector with GenericAvro
  5. Java producer with SpecificAvro


Yeva Byzek

Integration Architect

Yeva is an integration architect at Confluent designing solutions and building demos for developers and operators of Apache Kafka. She has many years of experience validating and optimizing end-to-end solutions for distributed software systems and networks.

Download the White Paper

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Additional Resources

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