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Why you need data streaming for hybrid and multicloud data architectures

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To compete in today’s world, you have to build software that delights customers with real-time, personalized experiences, while simultaneously making your business more cost-effective with efficient, backend operations.

Your business is at a disadvantage if the data required to fuel those experiences is locked in silos and only updated periodically. To make matters worse, as your business has evolved and grown, so has the number of systems, applications, and data stores you have. All of the individual connections between these systems makes your data architecture slow, expensive, brittle, and insecure because each connection has to be individually set up, networked, secured, monitored, and maintained.

This eBook will explain how you can modernize your data architecture with a real-time, global data plane that eliminates the need for point-to-point connections and makes your data architecture simpler, faster, more resilient, and more cost effective.

Learn how you can increase revenue and reduce costs, all while making your data infrastructure more scalable, reliable, and performant.

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