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The Ongoing Disruption of Retail: A Shift to Data in Motion

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Every one of your customer touch points, from an actual purchase to a marketing engagement, creates data streams and opportunities to trigger automations in real time. This data is key to running your business more efficiently and providing more engaging and personalized experiences to your customers. In fact, the future of retail hinges on the ability for brands like yours to harness data in motion—not just from direct customer interactions but from numerous social media platforms, applications, and external sources—combine it with historical data, and build rich digital front-end customer experiences and real-time, software-driven backend operations.

Yet, data is also the obstacle holding your business back from true transformation. Your data remains locked away in dozens of siloed systems: point-of-sale systems in stores, ERP systems, and order management systems, just to name a few. These systems need to be tapped into to enable true omnichannel customer experiences, with a connected inventory strategy and access to stock wherever it sits in your supply chain.

If you want more details on three pivotal retail business uses, and to find out how retailers like you have overcome these challenges by leveraging data in motion, download this free ebook. You’ll find out how to:

  1. Boost your sales with real-time personalization
  2. Create consistent omnichannel experiences for customers
  3. Increase your operational agility with real-time inventory management

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