Multi-Datacenter Replication

An easy reliable way to run Kafka across datacenters

Multi-Datacenter ReplicationMulti-Datacenter Replication
Improve reliability
  • Easily configure & maintain cross cluster replication
  • Monitor replication lag
Simplify management
  • Easy management of multi-cluster deployments
  • Centralized configuration and monitoring
  • Replicate entire cluster or a subset of topics
  • Automatic replication of topic configuration
Automate security
  • Use Kafka’s SASL for Kerberos, Active Directory
  • SSL encryption between datacenters

Production services bear the unique challenge of maintaining a high level of service from their data centers. When data centers are carrying the life blood of an organization – its transactional data – loss of any service availability can be damaging across customer service, reputation, efficiency, operating costs and more.

As organizations move to capitalize on streaming data as a way to increase performance, a new challenge is introduced: how do I maintain availability in a streaming environment?

Confluent Platform includes Multi-datacenter Replication, an optional, licensed feature that manages your streaming pipelines across data centers.

  • synchronizing two active data centers (active/active)
  • replicate to a global data center.

Managing a multi-cluster or multi-datacenter Kafka environment is made easier, more robust, and secure.

Read the paper, Disaster Recovery for Multi-Datacenter Apache Kafka Deployments, for more information.

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