Kafka Streams

A simple solution to stream processing, powered by Apache Kafka™

Kafka Streams is an open-source solution that you can integrate into your application to build and execute powerful stream processing functions. If you use Kafka for stream data transport, Kafka Streams can immediately add stream processing capabilities to your application without the burden of adding an entirely separate distributed processing cluster for another stream processing framework. Whether you have an IoT application, a monitoring function, a complex continuous query, or you are tracking inventory changes, Kafka Streams enables you to build your application with ease.

Kafka Streams is included with the Apache Kafka release v 0.10 as well as the Confluent Platform v3.0.

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Today's Stream Processing Environments are Complex

Stream processing frameworks are very powerful tools. With this immense capability however, comes some complexity; they need their own dedicated cluster of machines, and often rely on a distributed database to perform look-ups and aggregations. Also, your application likely will be required to handle re-processing of old data separately.

The outcome? A lot of moving parts that need to be kept in synchronization with each other to make the application work.

Meet Kafka Streams.

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Today's Stream Processing Environments are Complex

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