Auto Data Balancing

Optimize resource utilization and reliability

Auto Data BalancingAuto Data Balancing


1Easily add and remove nodes from your Kafka cluster
2Rack aware algorithm rebalances partitions across a cluster
3Traffic from balancing is throttled when data transfer occurs

If you are using Apache Kafka today in production, you are likely not balancing your workload across your datacenter resources. Instead, you accept a loss in performance and efficiency in order to avoid the risks associated with trying to balance these loads by hand. This means that while some nodes are not doing much at all, others are heavily taxed with large or many partitions, slowing down message delivery and possibly overrunning the system.

Confluent Enterprise helps you ensure optimal performance through auto data balancing. When executed, this feature monitors your cluster for number of nodes, size of partitions, number of partitions and number of leaders within the cluster. It allows you to shift data to create an even workload across your cluster. This balancer allows you to make your Kafka cluster efficient, without the risks of moving partitions by hand.

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