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The Top 5 Event Streaming Use Cases & Architectures in 2021

With just a few weeks of 2020 left, it's time to make some predictions on the top event streaming use cases that the Confluent Team expects to see in 2021. Given the unpredictability of 2020 this may seem brave or even a little fool-hardy but Kai Waehner, Senior Solutions Engineer at Confluent, is willing to strike out and offer his predictions for next year.

Register now to access this fascinating online talk in which Kai will discuss his top five cutting-edge use cases and architectures that will be adopted by more and more enterprises in 2021. Learn how companies will leverage event streaming, Apache Kafka, and Confluent to meet the demand of a real-time market, rising regulations, and customer expectations, and much more in 2021:

1. Edge deployments outside the data center: It's time to challenge the normality of limited hardware and disconnected infrastructure. Event streaming can provide low latency and cost-efficient data integration and data processing in retail stores, restaurants, trains, and other remote locations.

2. Hybrid architectures: Discover how these span multiple sites across regions, continents, data centers, and clouds with real-time information at scale to connect legacy and modern infrastructures.

3. Service mesh-based microservice architectures: Learn what becomes possible when organisations can provide a cloud-native event-based infrastructure for elastic and scalable applications and integration scenarios.

4. Streaming machine learning: In 2021, many companies will move to streaming machine learning in production without the need for a data lake that enables scalable real-time analytics.

5. Cybersecurity: While security never goes out of style, in 2021 we will see cybersecurity in real-time at scale with openness and flexibility at its core. This protects computer systems and networks and prevents the theft of or damage to software and data.

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