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Online Talk

Stream me to the Cloud (and back) with Confluent & MongoDB

Companies collect and store their data in various data stores and use a number of business applications and services to access, analyze and act on their data. Pulling all the data from disparate sources is difficult to manage, inefficient and ineffective in producing results. Event streaming and stream processing changes this paradigm. By enabling robust and reactive data pipelines between all your data stores, apps and services, you can make real-time decisions that are critical to your business.

In this online talk, we’ll explore how and why companies are leveraging Confluent and MongoDB to modernize their architecture and leverage the scalability of the cloud and the velocity of streaming. Based upon a sample retail business scenario, we will explain how changes in an on-premise database are streamed via the Confluent Cloud to MongoDB Atlas and back.

Key Learnings

  • Modernize your architecture without revolutionizing it.
  • Stream your data from multiple applications and data centers into the Cloud and back
  • Confluent as the Central Nervous System of your architecture
  • MongoDB Atlas as the flexible and scalable Modern Data Platform combining data from different sources and powering your frontend applications
  • Why MongoDB and Confluent is such a great combination

This architectural approach will allow you to dynamically scale the customer facing frontend, avoid over provisioning and enable the development team to rapidly implement new functionality which will differentiate you from your competition.

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