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Swiss Mobiliar: How Apache Kafka helps to create Data Culture

You fell in love with Kafka, nice! You got your own Kafka cluster inside your enterprise, well done! But the work has just begun. How do you get your organization to leverage the value that Kafka offers? How do you get your organization to fall in love with the event-streaming world?

In this webinar we want to share our experience on how the Swiss Mobiliar, the biggest Swiss household insurance enterprise, introduced Kafka and led it to enterprise-wide adoption with the help of AGOORA.com.

We will present our experiences and learnings along three main dimensions:

• Visibility: Make data-streams understandable and explorable. Add transparency of responsibilities, data-quality and use-cases to inspire and lead by example.
• Speed: Reduce obstacles for Kafka customers (users) while adapting the technology in their project.
• Control: Governance can be tricky, reduce it to a minimum.

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